JHU Launch with the Homewood Career Center Poster

Posters for Johns Hopkins Homewood Career Center’s Launch program for first-year students. As the Homewood Career Center’s six Career Academies continue to grow and thrive, they have recognized that incoming students need support and resources to engage in self-assessment, career exploration, and foundational career development before identifying with industry-specific academies. The Launch program meets that need by guiding participants through key career development milestones. At the end of the program, students will feel confident in their possible career paths and join one or more Career Academies to continue their journey.

In conjunction with the mascot image created by a JHU student, the Launch with the Homewood Career Center logo was developed to accompany the illustrated timeline to help keep students on track within the Launch program.

Print Elements
130# Dull Cover; 12.5" x 18.5".