UMBC International Poster

An introduction to UMBC for an international audience that explains and promotes the inclusive excellence, diversity, and value of UMBC along with the dynamics of their location in the Baltimore–Washington, D.C., corridor, since the primary audience likely has not heard of UMBC.

The poster will be given to prospective international students, recruiters, government officials, and foreign university representatives through personal distribution at meetings, distribution at large recruitment events targeting students directly, and meeting and conference events targeting guidance counselors and other international education colleagues. 

Important messages the client wished to convey included their welcoming and diverse community, innovation in teaching and research, recognition of excellence noted by high rankings and student outcomes, value, opportunity afforded by UMBC’s unique location in relationship to business and research, and proven success of international alumni. 

This dual natured recruitment tool was designed for optimal readability as the viewer unfolds each panel, ultimately revealing a poster on the inside that can be hung in offices of recruiters and foreign university representatives to entice and inform prospective students.